What’s in your pocket? blogger challenge.

So what would you do if you found £20 you didn’t know you had?
Pulling out a coat from the back of the wardrobe you haven’t worn for months and there in the pocket a wrinkled £20 note. You feel the ripple of delight leading to a lovely big smile on your face. Yippee!
Well that is exactly the feeling I got when MoneySupermarket.com kindly invited me to take part in their What’s in your pocket? blogger challenge. The idea behind this challenge is that MoneySupermarket.com want people to celebrate life’s ‘little wins’ such as saving £200 on your car insurance. 
Now, for someone who is watching every penny, £20 is a lot of money to find unexpectedly and I was so thrilled to have this opportunity. But in the spirit of the challenge of letting this ‘little win’ create a feel-good feeling I made the decision not to use it to pay bills, not really a big joy bringer that one? We could have got a take-away but you know what they say “a moment on the lips…” and this ‘little win’ deserved more than a moment to shine. So to enjoy this ‘little win’ for longer, rather than spending the money, I invested in items that would give enjoyment for months & years to come. And to top that, there was more than one item. For £20! I hear you say, really is that possible? Yes it is!
So what did I invest in?
Well I decided to share that feel-good feeling so the first item was something for my daughter. She has been attending a Karate class since November last year and I still hadn’t managed to buy her the uniform, you know the white karate pyjamas! So that was £15 well spent right there. The smile on her face when she first tried them on was priceless (see photo evidence).


The second item was for me but something that I could use to share the joy even further. Last year I was one of the many throughout the UK bitten by the baking bug and am really enjoying making lovely treats to share with friends and family. So it had to be a cook book ‘A Passion for Baking’ by the lovely Jo Wheatley, that I managed to pick up from Sainsbury on sale at the rock bottom price of £4. (see photo evidence).
So that left me with a pound! Now at this point I could have just called it a day there and said a job well done but that last pound deserved a better end than to sit in my purse and wait to be used as a shopping trolley token so…I turned to my new cook book for a recipe and then the store cupboard to see what ingredients where there and that last pound bought some caster sugar that was needed for Jo Wheatley’s Victoria Sandwich, which I then delivered to a friend. (see photo evidence).

So there you have it, a lady well and truly thrilled with her unexpected ‘little win’ and I believe I can say without a shadow of a doubt the feel-good feeling has well and truly been shared. And the best thing of all is that these investments will be with us for a long time to come so value for money too! What more could a Frugal Happy Life ask for!
Thank you MoneySupermarket.com for making this possible. 
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