Meet Ali & Ele

As promised the trial has begun – grafted versus seed grown tomato plants.  Huntingdon Garden and Leisure Centre invited me to conduct a trial for them.  What produces more fruit, a grafted plant or a seed grown plant.

Here are my test subjects, F1 Elegance (who shall be known as Ele), a grafted plant, and Alicante (who shall be known as Ali), a seed grown plant.

5th May – the two plants have been planted into a grow bag. At the time of planting Ele measured 49cm in height and Ali measured 27cm.  Already the grafted plant is looking a stronger specimen.  But we shall see!



Have you ever wondered?


Have you ever wondered if the claims that grafted tomato plants produce up to 75% more crop than seed grown plants are true? Well stay tuned because, with the help of Huntingdon Garden & Leisure Centre @HuntingdonGL , I’ll be putting this to the test.  I’ll give you regular updates on the progress so we will discover the results together.

If you have any friends that may be interested please forward my blog link to them so they can keep up-to-date first hand.

Thanks for reading. X