Handy tip for reducing food waste.

I’m sure I’m probably not the first to come up with this idea and indeed it has probably entered my subconscious while reading it elsewhere but I was very pleased with the results so I will share anyway. Don’t get too excited, remember I am a person of simple pleasures.

So what I did was… I had a bag of onions and I realised I wasn’t going to use them all before they spoiled so I prepared the whole bag by finely chopping them all in one sitting and have put them in the freezer. So now when I need onions for a recipe they are ready to go straight into the pot. This works brilliantly and better still none of the onions went to waste by spoiling. Win, win!
Frozen chopped onions


Old fashion card games with my 5 year old.

Whilst giving my 5 year old’s toys a sort out, selling on those she has grown out of, I came across a set of cards (sea creature theme – not essential information to the point of the post).  Later in the day we sat down and had a great time playing Go Fish, Snap and Pairs.  Great fun while my 5yo wiped the floor with me at pairs!! A reminder that kids are the best at appreciating the simple things in life!