Homegrown veg will travel.

Homegrown veg
Here’s some veg picked from the garden last night ready to travel 8 hours with us to our self catering holiday location. HOLIDAY TIME YAY!!


What do you do with dodgy bananas?

I saw this idea on the web somewhere, sorry I will get better at citing my sources of inspiration. If you have bananas that have seen better days stick them in the freezer. Then when you fancy a banana smoothie take them out,

Frozen bananas

Frozen bananas

don’t worry they looked like that when they went in but perfect on the inside.

I roughly chopped them (not sure that this necessary) and put in blender with 1/2 pint of semi-skim milk. Gave it a good blend and that’s it.

It was a very thick icy smoothie but really nice. My 5yo came back for more so I think that’s a good test!

Banana smoothie

Banana smoothie

Handy tip for reducing food waste.

I’m sure I’m probably not the first to come up with this idea and indeed it has probably entered my subconscious while reading it elsewhere but I was very pleased with the results so I will share anyway. Don’t get too excited, remember I am a person of simple pleasures.

So what I did was… I had a bag of onions and I realised I wasn’t going to use them all before they spoiled so I prepared the whole bag by finely chopping them all in one sitting and have put them in the freezer. So now when I need onions for a recipe they are ready to go straight into the pot. This works brilliantly and better still none of the onions went to waste by spoiling. Win, win!
Frozen chopped onions

Veggie Patch Update

Hello all,
Back on the 28th February I tweeted about the need to begin my veggie patch for the year because my father-in-law had delivered some chitted potatoes and onion sets.
And at last the weather has allowed me to get out in the garden and get the veggie patch underway. A little bit anyhow!
So here’s the progress so far…
The veg patch has been dug over, leaf mould & compost out of my potato bags added,
Veg patch ready 
Garlic cloves planted,
Garlic cloves planted 
Onions set planted,
 Onion sets planted
Started preparing area for new veg bed,
 Start on preparing new veg bed
Lovely hubby kindly did some running repairs on my shed/glasshouse door,
And we had our first visitor, a fat juicy worm!
 Fat worm
So that’s it the work has begun, no rest for the wicked now!

Need a haircut?

Need your haircut but have no money then check with your local hairdressers there’s a chance they have a junior that needs some practise. Don’t worry they will be supervised by a more senior hairdresser so all will be OK.
They need to practise different skills at different times so tell them what you’re after i.e. long cut, style change or even a colour.
I’ve got my appointment booked for March 7th so I’ll let you know how it goes.

The little things will make a big difference…I hope!

I find it is very easy to forget the little things that I am doing on a day to day basis that are following my new frugal life ethos.  More importantly things that I wouldn’t have done, and didn’t do, before I started my frugal journey.  So in an effort to appreciate the little things and focus my mind – I’ve made a list!  Hopefully the little things will start to make a big difference.

– Using an old cotton vest of my daughter’s as a dish cloth
– Pack snacks and drinks for 8 hour car journey rather than stopping at Roadside Services. Unfortunately we discovered our thermos leaks. Oops!
– For a quick supper – homemade pizza, rather than using the pre-made pizza bases I use toasted tortilla wraps that we have in for my daughter’s lunch box.  I know I could make proper pizza bases myself but I’m not there yet and the tortilla wraps are so quick and easy.  As the attached photo demonstrates they make a great light pizza. This one has chicken, tomato, pepper and cheese. A thin spread of tomato purée on the base then pile up the bits, my 5 year old daughter loves doing this step herself and then melt under the grill.
– Any stale bread gets made into breadcrumbs and then used to make chicken schnitzel and chicken nuggets. On the look out for other recipes all the time.
– Used bicarbonate of soda to clean burnt on grime off oven grill trays instead of the really smelly oven cleaner.
– Turned the heat down in the house and kept my jumper and wooly boots on instead.
– Gratefully accept hand-me-down clothes for my daughter from friends and family.

A bargain isn’t a saving if you don’t need it.

An experienced frugal lifer, Frugal Queen (http://frugalincornwall.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1), has reminded me that you aren’t saving by buying bargains if you don’t really need what you’re buying.  I was gushing about the joy of finding bargains in charity shops but a blog post by the Frugal Queen made me think more about what I was buying.  As part of my frugal living I am doing my best to clear my clutter and “buying bargains” isn’t going to help that side of things is it!!  So I’m still browsing the charity shops but I’m only buying when I really need it.