Easy ice lolly & cool lunch

I recently remembered a nifty trick from my childhood in Australia. Take a small fruit drink in a box, the type you stick a little straw into (we called them a fruit box), and pop it into the freezer. Easy peasy! Once frozen you can either rip the top off (you’ll need scissors-they’re tough little suckers) and eat as ice lolly or stick in lunch box. Keeps things cool till lunch and will melt in time for you to have a cool drink as well.

Drink box ice lolly

Drink box ice lolly


Homemade Teacher Thank You Gift


A team effort to create this one.

The plant was cuttings I was given via Freecycle and then grew on.
The pot was from a ‘paint your own’ birthday gift given to my 6yo which she then painted and the “of the moment” loom band bracelet was made by my 6yo.