The trial continues…

For those of you who aren’t aware please let me explain.  I am conducting a trial on behalf of Huntingdon Garden and Leisure Centre.

The trial is to compare a seed grown tomato plant to a grafted plant. If you look back at previous posts you will see the progress that came before this post.

Today’s post sees both plants developing fruit but as you can see the grafted plant, we call her Ele, is weighed down with an abundance to the point she has needed to be given a crutch support.
Ele - grafted
Now I’m sure there is something I could of done to help the plant more than I have. But I found the bottom of the plant stem thinner than the upper stem and it didn’t seem to be able to support itself. Especially with the shallow depth of the grow bag. I have been very worried about it breaking in the windy weather.

Ali, the seed grown plant, is more dainty but bearing her fair share of fruit.
Ali - seed grown

Ele fruit.
Ele fruit 1

Ele - fruit 2

Ali fruit
Ali fruit

I will be doing a survey of the fruit produced by each plant.
Both plants have ripening fruit and I’m hoping to pick a tomato off both plants this week for a side by side tasting. Stay tuned!