Tomato plant trial – Grafted versus seed grown

Ali & Ele -size comparison

Ali & Ele -size comparison

Well it’s plain to see Ele (grafted plant – left of image) has become a bit of a monster and Ali (seed grown plant) is certainly the “little” sister BUT “as they say” size isn’t everything because there is an interesting development when it comes to flowers on the trusses!

As of the 30th June, Ele, the grafted plant, has developed 5 trusses with between 8-11 flowers per truss.

Ele's truss

Ele’s truss

Whereas Ali, the seed grown plant, has developed 3 trusses so far but has approx 24 flowers per truss.
Ali's truss

Ali’s truss

Ali’s trusses seem to be double stemmed (forked) and so has double the flowers that Ele has on her single stemmed truss. So if both plants successfully develop their flowers into fruit it would appear that Ali will have more fruit. Very interesting turn of events considering the monster of a plant that Ele has become when compared to Ali.

Now, as I am no expert, I don’t know if this development is a feature of the type of tomato plant but maybe Huntingdon Garden and Leisure can comment on that for us.

I’ll keep you posted on this interesting development.


One thought on “Tomato plant trial – Grafted versus seed grown

  1. I shall be very interested to see what happens with your tomato plants. It’s odd because I bought (first time ever) a tom plant and it’s massive! It’s totally reached the top of my grow-house and is still growing! I wonder if this is actually grafted stock now? I’ll have to go and investigate!

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