Ali and Ele update time.

Hello it’s that time again. A growth update on Ali & Ele for my tomato plant trail, seed grown versus grafted on behalf of Huntingdon Garden & Leisure Centre.

Now, first things first, I need to confess something. I’ve never used grow bags before and I followed the instructions and planted the plants without punching any holes in the grow bag. Problem is, with all this rain the plants got waterlogged and were suffering from leaf yellowing. In my defence, the instructions on the bag actually say “be careful not to pierce the bag’. Anyhow, after some consultation with my friendly garden centre people, I have now pierced the bags. So fingers crossed now for a return to full health for Ele & Ali. Suggestions as to whether I should remove the yellowed leaves or not would be helpful, thank you.

So growth update – Ali (seed) hasn’t done anything since last measure a couple of weeks ago and is still 35cm whereas Ele (graft) has added another 5cm now measuring 60cm.  You can see from the photo Ele really is towering over Ali now.

Ali & Ele 3/6

Ali & Ele 3/6Ali & Ele 3/6

I have given them another feed today, feeding them weekly as per instructions on the bottle.

And so it continues. . .