Ali & Ele update.

For those of you just joining me, I’m conducting a seed grown versus grafted tomato plant trial for Huntingdon Graden & Leisure Centre, Ali (seed) and Ele (graft).

This first update sees Ali and Ele both adding a few centimetres since they first arrived home (5/5).  Ele is now measuring 55cm (added 6cm) and Ali is now measuring 35cm (added 8cm). Ele has 2 trusses developing so far, Ali has one. 

Now they are all settled in I’ve given them their first feed today.

Ali, Ele & friend

Ali, Ele & friend

Their friend’s a cherry bush variety, we’re calling Sweetie, my daughter planted up at Huntingdon Garden & Leisure’s Free Kids Club – Grow your own tomatoes (5/5).




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