DIY cell plant pots

It was time to start sowing the veg seeds at last. I was at the garden centre and stood musing over whether I should buy some cell plant pots for the veg plants.  I just could not bring myself to part with the money and then I was struck with inspiration so I left without making a purchase and went home.  Luckily, at home, I had a collection of cardboard toilet roll inners (don’t ask!) so I gathered the collection and off I went to the shed. I have also been collecting plastic containers that the soft fruit comes in at the supermarket and thus combining the two, I created homemade plant cell inserts.

DIY plant cell inserts

DIY plant cell inserts

I cut the toilet roll inners in half to sow leeks, I plan to leave them in one piece to sow beans. I put grit in the bottom of the plastic trays and then put in the cardboard rolls and secured them in place with more grit around them. I filled the rolls with compost and sowed the seeds.

Filled DIY cell inserts

Filled DIY cell inserts

Hopefully the cardboard will hold together long enough to transplant the seedlings into the veggie beds and more so I hope the plants grow well in them. I’ll let you know.



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