Veggie Patch Update

Hello all,
Back on the 28th February I tweeted about the need to begin my veggie patch for the year because my father-in-law had delivered some chitted potatoes and onion sets.
And at last the weather has allowed me to get out in the garden and get the veggie patch underway. A little bit anyhow!
So here’s the progress so far…
The veg patch has been dug over, leaf mould & compost out of my potato bags added,
Veg patch ready 
Garlic cloves planted,
Garlic cloves planted 
Onions set planted,
 Onion sets planted
Started preparing area for new veg bed,
 Start on preparing new veg bed
Lovely hubby kindly did some running repairs on my shed/glasshouse door,
And we had our first visitor, a fat juicy worm!
 Fat worm
So that’s it the work has begun, no rest for the wicked now!

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