Wanna free haircut? Volunteer to be a hair model!

As promised I’m back to report on my first experience as a hair model.

My first piece of advice if you’re planning on doing it, clear your schedule for the afternoon. Make sure you have someone else arranged to collect the kids from school because I didn’t. Oops! Don’t worry I didn’t leave my 5 year old standing outside the school waiting for me. Luckily a friend stepped in to collect my daughter and fed her too, so thank you very much for that Kate. But as the senior hairdresser that was overseeing the trainee cutting my hair pointed out, training is unpredictable!

So what happened then!!

2pm I arrived at the salon, I was sat in a chair and the lovely trainee, Emily, asked me what I was looking to have done.

I basically explained that my hair hasn’t been cut for months and it’s just looking drab (sorry I forgot to take a “before” photo) but just imagine long hair hanging down and that was basically it. So I explained that I would like to loose about 3 inches off the length and have some layers cut in to give it a lift. You’ve at this point realised I’m not particularly adventurous when it comes to hair styles but I walk out of the house in the morning with no make up on so I’m not spending ages doing my hair either, so I need it to look alright with just a brush through. Ohh I sound like a real head-turner don’t I ?!

Anyway, from there I was taken off to have my hair washed and all was fine. I was then taken back to my chair and Emily, under the instruction from the senior hairdresser Fiona, sectioned my hair ready to begin to cut. Fiona questioned Emily about her approach and the cutting begun. Bless her, Emily, was so nervous and apprehensive because it was only her 3rd cut on a “real”person rather than a block at college, so totally understandable. But Emily cut cautiously and under cut rather than over cut which Fiona pointed out was good because if she had over cut and it wasn’t right my hair would just get shorter and shorter as it was corrected. Fiona checked each step and showed Emily corrections where they were needed. Unfortunately after 3 hours I really had to leave to collect my daughter so Fiona finished off my front fringing. But Emily did a wonderful job and it looks good and I would do it again. So result is a money saving hair cut for a Frugal Happy Life!

And here’s the finished product!


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